Calculate Your Lo Shu Number

Hsia Yu was a famous Chinese prehistoric personality. One day he came across some very interesting markings on the shell of a giant tortoise. The giant tortoise came out from the River Lo in Central China. This became Lo Shu. The word ‘Lo’ means river and the term ‘Shu’ indicate books. Different Lo Shu numbers indicates different directions which are believed to be auspicious.

Feng Shui helps one analyze their destiny with regards to the Five Chinese Elements. The five elements as per the Feng Shui are:
a. Earth
b. Water
c. Fire
d. Wood, and
e. Metal

Lo Shu Numbers and the auspicious directions:
1 – North
2 – Southwest
3 – East
4 – Southeast
5- Central
6 – Northwest
7 – West
8 – Northeast
9 – South.

Orgill Spring Dealer Market Returns In Occc Orlando

Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) will be filled with various hardware products at the upcoming Orgill Spring Dealer Market, an event of the year for entrepreneurs, hardware sellers, and home keepers alike. This huge expo will happen this February 2-4, 2012.

The three-day event is more than purchasing goods, or selling products to the public, but it encompasses all certain things dealing with the hardware business. This is a chance for sellers to find their business partners and meet the harbingers in the realm of hardware. At the same time, the delegates do not only come from the 50 states of the Big Apple. International customers representing over 60 countries will participate in this must-attend expo.

With its immense area, Orgill Spring Dealer Market 2012 is proud to showcase different high-end products from leading brands. You can have the chance to buy the hardware at the convention, and then introduce it in your own shop. You may also avail those promos that they offer like the pallet specials and coupon deals. With this, you can save your money and spend it in vacation spree.

What Are important Interior Design skills that a new designer needs

If you want to become a successful interior designer you need to follow some important interior design skills. You need to learn many things at the same time, to become successful designers.Designers should have patience and have creativity to make things beautiful.

Designers should be punctual towards his work and has the availability to perform their projects at their committed time. In simple word they should a business professional and customer oriented. There are many things that you need to learn. Sketching and designing are the first basic requirements for the interior designing profession.

They should be creative and have the availability to use limited space and rearrange all things neatly and wisely. They should be aware of all basic fundamental of the market and also need to have the purchasing skills to buy interior designing products like furniture, carpets, paints and other necessary household items according to the need and design. If you are really thinking to opt it as your career and you are a creative person then interior designing career only meant for you.

Toolswalt Offering Multi Brand Power Tools

In this modern world the requirements are increasing, way of living is improving and facilities has also increased the standard of construction and furnishing of houses, offices, showrooms. The quality of doing tasks of construction and furnishing of the houses and building industry as well as in production industry has also improved accordingly. All this become possible only because of so many options and variety of different kind of tools and equipment. The Power tools used for such working performance are also become more scientific and modern, instead of doing it is. These tasks in old times weremanually operated hand tools which have been replaced with the latest technology and features that are more human friendly, easy to handle and operate and lighter than the traditional old time tools and techniques.

When you think of performing a repair work, fixing of new fittings, renovations interior furnishing, fixtures, construction work in both house hold & industrial works, you need special power tools which can be used for performing such tasks. These power tools can be used either by do-it-yourself techniques or by the professional technician in taskslike drilling, sawing, cutting, grinding, polishing, tightening-fitting and breaking of structures.

You will think of many options to get a better choice of branded power tools, study of perfect and suitable power tool for the particular job and project to make your tasks easier so that you can do it yourself and these difficult tasks can also be handled and done very easily and perfectly with the help of perfect and suitable suggested power tools and their accessories. Now a days a huge range of do-it-yourself professional power tools and their kits of accessories are available. These power tools andtheir accessories can be used very effectively, efficiently with so many functions. These tools are powered by 220volt AC or battery packs which are cordless. The other ranges of tools are pneumatic power tools which run on air pressure. Some power tools are also powered and driven by gasoline engines.

Make The Most Of Your Shopping For Home Furnishing Items Online

Decorating your home can be fun and exciting. Right choice of home furnishing can add an element of glamour to your interior decoration. To seek a perfect home makeover and refreshing look, it is crucial to have an access to wide variety to pick the best option. You need to carefully choose your home accents for a rewarding experience. Online shopping has added to the simplicity and convenience of buying home furnishing.

If you are fed up of your house looking dull and jaded, you can glamorize your space by choosing from the matchless home furnishing items available online. It is a great way to save and seek access to quality home dcor accents. Here are some of the tips for online shoppers to save the most when looking for home furnishing items:

1. Go to your choicest home furnishing shopping website and set up a free account. Signing up at the website will offer you an access to sale notices and coupons. Many websites offer introductory offers on sign up that are rewarding for the new customers.